A Breast Cancer Journey to Greater Joy
A Breast Cancer Journey to Greater Joy

Diagnosed with Stage 2 invasive ductal carcinoma? Joyce was, too. Be grateful (it could be worse!). Be positive. And pray! This book will help you to understand the experience and aftermath of the diagnosis. It contains four amazing forewords, written by Joyce’s four doctors and provides a path of hope for women beginning a similar, unwelcome journey. Joyce describes, in lay terms, all that she had to go through–from diagnosis, surgery, radiation, and recovery, with the hope that it will help to calm your fears and untangle the mystery! Now, she is more than three years cancer-free and experiencing much GREATER joy!!

“A Breast Cancer Journey to GREATER Joy! Taking the fear and mystery out of a breast cancer diagnosis!” is a revealing overview of being diagnosed with breast cancer, dealing with the fear and mystery of that diagnosis, developing the courage to accept the reality of the diagnosis, and experiencing the incredible joy of recovery. All four of the medical professionals involved in that recovery felt compelled to write a foreword in support of this book’s ability to help others.

60 pages.  Printed book is $12.99, plus shipping; eBook is $2.99.

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  1. Robert Rouse

    5 years ago

    I recently had the pleasure of reading “A Breast Cancer Journey to GREATER Joy!” What a great and up lifting book to remind me of the need to appreciate every day. Health and so many others things can be taken for granted until they are threatened or removed from us. A diagnosis of cancer triggers a myriad of emotions, yet requires action. Mrs. Fields reminds of this necessity in her positive uplifting chronicling of her battle with cancer. First she reminds of the need to self check and learn the signs and symptoms. Follow-through is important and do not delay. Additionally we are reminded to be honest with our loved ones, as they have a right to know.

    I, as caregiver of diagnosed cancer fighter, found Mrs. Fields book to spur me to work harder with my wife. I am more compelled to be her advocate and spokesperson when needed. The book breeds hope within me to pray and support that more diligently. I am also aware of the necessity to care for myself to ensure that I can be there for my wife. The book was an easy read with understandable language on topic that can be overwhelming.

    I am so proud of Mrs. Fields’ willingness to share what I know was a challenging time for her and the family. The project illustrates her strength of character to be a positive role model for people who may go through difficult times in life. The book clearly is capable of being an inspiration to all, as we all will face a giant at some point in our lives. I owe a debt of gratitude for Mrs. Fields sharing her story, because it helps to inspire me to do better.

    Bless you,

    Robert Rouse


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